TMA - Layers. Cakes have layers. Onions have layers. Billboards have layers. Artwork has layers. The build up from core substance to something engaging and unmistakably whole represents one of the most intriguing life-cycle progressions that can be observed. Artists get to witness this process with every single piece of work they create but often all the viewer gets to see is the surface. The final layer. That's not true of TMA's work. Here the viewer is encouraged to look past the surface and into the layers within. (Click for more...)
TMA's approach of allowing the viewer to observe the foundations of his work is clearly appreciated - pieces are displayed proudly within both corporate and private environments by clients only too willing to share their enthusiasm for the passion exhibited in every completed image.
Works are supplied framed in either black or white hardwood. Preference will be confirmed when arranging delivery.
Based in the UK.