Stephane Koyama-Meyer - a.k.a TRAZ. For many, the various letter forms, images, slogans and colour schemes that make up the vast array of corporate and non-corporate branding we are immersed in on a daily basis represent background noise - present to such a degree that it becomes part of our natural environment. Comforting even. Those brand identities didn't just happen though; they are the result of endless refining to make them as recognizable and engaging as possible. Some would go so far to say that they are beautiful and someone who knows how to convey that beauty is Stephane Koyama-Meyer. (Click for more...)
Well studied and open-minded with a skill set honed and perfected working both in the studio and on the street (under the tag TRAZ), Stephane takes as much inspiration from poetry and philosophy as he does from hip-hop and television commercials. His mobiles are designed and installed to create emotion and motivation within anyone fortunate enough to happen upon them. Slogans that you don't just read - you use them as life goals. He is co-founder of the Back To Type Collective and judging by his huge international following coupled to critical acclaim and positive reception for his artworks, there are a great many people who understand and appreciate his artistic vision.
Works are sold as shown in their photograph, unless otherwise stated.
Based in Switzerland.