Stacey Williamson-Michie - Sometimes cuts can hurt, sometimes cuts can be unkind and some say that you should measure twice and cut once but here is an artist proving that some cuts can be outstandingly beautiful. Unlike most other art forms, there is no room for error when paper cutting - once paper is cut it cannot be repaired and made good again for reworking - and this makes it both an incredibly rewarding but also unforgivingly cruel process. Make a mistake and there is no turning back. Stacey doesn't make mistakes. (Click for more...)
Somewhat of a celebrity within the paper cut art community due to her freehand style and flawless execution, Stacey's work has been featured in several magazines and she has partnered with numerous international brands - most recently joining a very well known shoe manufacturer as their lead artist. National and international exhibitions cement her popularity with her loyal following of admirers and collectors, thus confirming that paper cut art deserves its recent recognition as incredibly aesthetic, detailed, delicate works of significant skill.
Available for commission work - please email
Works are sold as shown in their photograph, unless otherwise stated.
Based in the UK.