Richard Berner - One of the statements we hear most frequently here at Hanging Man is "Oh I wish I was creative...", to which I respond "Anybody has the capacity to be creative. All you need to do is to think freely and then express those thoughts coherently.". Easy. Right? Well, we like to encourage rather than discourage people joining us in the wonderful world of art but in truth the answer is actually "not so much.". It takes immense dedication and continuous application of effort to express your thoughts in a way that is as satisfying for the viewer as it is for you, the creator. And now those thoughts need to be beautiful yet dark, subtle yet obvious, accessible yet complicated... It takes a special talent to be truly creative. It takes the talent of Richard Berner. (Click for more...)
Richard is a guy who is a lot older than his age and that is neither small compliment nor veiled insult. Here we have an artist who is still very early in his career but already exhibits the dexterity and confidence of artists many years deep into their artistic lifespan. Just look at his work and try to deny the level of skill being presented. The national and international hunger for his work increases daily and that desire for his work will definitely continue for many a year to come. You have my word on it.
Works are sold as shown in their photograph, unless otherwise stated.
Based in the UK.