Norman Lasca - For the sake of demonstrating ones understanding of the art form - abstract art is the presentation of a visual reality whilst not depicting specific objects accurately. That isn't how I think of abstract art though. I think that abstract art is a way of encapsulating how someone actually feels while engaging with a subject. Abstract art is based more in the representation of instincts and emotions instead of the base aesthetics of objects. It is often art at its most creative. It is normally art enjoying its greatest freedom. It is work produced in the most exceptional manner by Norman Lasca. (Click for more...)
Easily comparable with the masters of figurative abstraction (Kandinsky, Leger, Miro etc), Norman's work is based in the fringes of what the viewer either does not see or realize they are seeing when interacting visually with the surrounding world. He looks at the light and not the sunset. The shapes making up an object and not its features. The static in between the TV channels and not the channels themselves. All of this results in an incredibly raw, visceral, stimulating and exciting portfolio of work gaining global interest and acclaim and an artist deserving of the attention being heaped upon him.
Works are sold as shown in their photograph.
Based in the United States of America.