Lucy O'Connell - Most artists create for the benefit of themselves and just a handful of others to experience their work. Professional artists create for their work to be seen by as many interested people as possible, typically through controlled exhibition arenas. Now imagine their canvas has legs and the potential to be seen by millions of people worldwide during its lifespan - true tattoo artists have to possess incredible skill and confidence in execution to remain at the pinacle of the artform. Lucy O'Connell is an exciting example of one of those artists. (Click for more...)
Exceptionally approachable and open about her work, I learned more about art in an hour chatting with Lucy than I did in a whole day spent at MoMA. She is both exceedingly well followed and collected internationally and I'm incredibly proud to say that I actually wear key pieces of Lucy's work permanently on my left shoulder, left wrist and the lower three quarters of my right arm. Because the art you own should stay with and be loved by you 'til the day you die. Like a great tattoo.
Works are sold as shown in their photograph, unless otherwise stated.
Based in the UK.