Louise Lacey - The true definition of "Pop Art" is artwork that is based upon popular culture and media. However, we live in an age where popularity can last an entire lifetime and beyond, or less than five minutes. One of the most significant and influential pop artists ever - Andy Warhol - once said that "everybody will be world famous for 15 minutes" and we assumed he meant 15 minutes all at one time. But what if he meant a minute here and there spread out over a lifetime? Acclaimed and then over 60 short seconds later. You'd better make each second count. You'd better make your work "pop". Louise Lacey has that pop. (Click for more...)
Aesthetic value is not based purely upon technical application, thought provoking content, subtle visual messages or time spent struggling to make a piece work. Aesthetic value can be based purely upon something looking right. Simple as that. Louise's work looks right. Don't your walls deserve to look right too? I think so.
Available for commission work - please email steve@hangingmangallery.com
Works are sold as shown in their photograph.
Based in the UK.