Lorraine Taylor - Shopping. A pedestrian act borne of necessity and only undertaken when the need arises OR... A joyous opportunity to be immersed in the various colours and shapes of our ever changing retail establishments! For me shopping has always been the latter and I developed a deep love of hand painted shop signage as a result. To attract someone's attention and then hold it amongst the backdrop of the average retail environment takes tremendous skill and focus. Lorraine Taylor has all that skill and then some. (Click for more...)
Entirely self-taught with many years experience in print work and showcard disciplines, Lorraine now owns her own business professionally producing hand painted advertising signs for major Australian retailers and menu boards for many of the countries best-loved restaurants and cafe's. In this modern age of computer printed banners and vinyl lettering, it is fair to say that hand lettered signs are sadly becoming a thing of the past BUT the great news is that they are rapidly becoming recognized as the art form they truly are. Whilst this new artistic movement is still in its early stages, Lorraine's dedicated international following is proof positive that you need to bring the supermarket home in more ways than just your groceries.
Available for commission work - please email steve@hangingmangallery.com
Works are sold as shown in their photograph.
Sizes are for unframed work.
Based in Australia.