Kristin Simmons - A quick glance at a typical Kristin Simmons piece will often draw the conclusion that her style is loosely based in "Pop Art", with respectful nods to the likes of Andy Warhol and Jeff Koons. But look a little more closely and you will see that nothing is as obvious as it first seemed. Those numbers on the gummy bears - they correspond to the D.E.A. schedule of the most abused controlled substances. Other pieces by Kristin have skillfully observed such topics as gun culture, gender equality and the gradual yet ceaseless corruption of youth, whilst maintaining a soft aesthetic that you simply cannot draw yourself away from. (Click for more...)
Artistic awards and critical acclaim follow Kristin's portfolio very closely but this has not influenced her work in any way - she make's what she wants to make and always will. We like that and her following of national and international clients clearly agree...
Works are sold as shown in their photograph, unless otherwise stated.
Based in the United States of America.