Kieran Hadley - In the days before computers, printers, vinyl wrapping, digital projection and all of that other technical mumbo-jumbo, if you had a message to convey and you wanted to grab peoples attention, the chances are you would seek out your local signwriter. And those were better days. This was a time when a freshly painted shop window became a talking point for a whole town - often a destination in it's own right. Race cars flashed past on the track covered in more colour and gold leaf than the very best Autumn of your youth and the owner was as proud of the paintwork as they were of the engine under the bonnet. Sadly technology marches on and nowadays the world demands a more disposable lifestyle but there are still fiercely proud artists keeping the tradition of hand painted letters alive. There are few prouder than Kieran Hadley. (Click for more...)
Not too long ago traditional signwriting was considered a dying trade and choosing to pursue a career in that area required great courage but Kieran is not the kind of guy who shies away from challenge. Quite often it is the experience artists take from difficulty that shapes their skill set and clearly this is true for Kieran, who did not just thrive within the face of adversity but used it to his advantage and ultimately setup his own business - Third Eye Signs. There is a saying in signwriting that tradesman live by - Always Hand Lettering. I, for one, am truly thankful for that approach.
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