Katie Buckett - Some people say that God is in the details. Well Katie... she has detail work applied to her detail work. Driven by a desire to create pieces that are hyper-realistic in overall aesthetic but ultimately based in dreamlike fantasy and personal interpretation of situation, Katie has produced a truly stand out portfolio of work and earned the acclaim directed her way. Some artists at her exceedingly high talent level can be hard to approach but with Katie, you feel comfortable talking with her as quickly as you feel comfortable in the company of her art. (Click for more...)
Born and raised in the US but now a full-time resident in the UK, she is as well followed as she is well traveled. Whilst looking at Katie's work, you'll most likely find yourself asking questions like "Hey, are those real diamonds on that canvas?" With Katie the answer is going to be - "yep".
Available for commission work - please email steve@hangingmangallery.com
Works are sold as shown in their photograph.
Based in the UK.