glogical - Music is immersive. I actually stopped listening to music while painting because it would influence the direction the pieces took too greatly but it is clear to see that glogical does not share my distraction. As a music producer and DJ, glogical's work presented here has been heavily influenced by his great passion and understanding of music as an art form. He also clearly understands that art too, is immersive... (Click for more...)
Self taught and rightfully proud of that fact, glogical's work can be found in both commercial and private collections. A growing appreciation of the strong, engaging visual dynamic that digital mediums offer talented artists has led to both national and international acclaim for his artwork. An enthusiastic international following confirms there is no denying the aesthetic appeal of this artistic portfolio.
Works are supplied framed in either black or white hardwood. Preference will be confirmed when arranging delivery.
Based in the UK.