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This ink covers nothing...

A lot of people ask me about my tattoos and their first question is normally (after the obvious "did they hurt?") - why?  Every single one of my tattoos (and I have MANY) has specific personal significance and I could fill up this entire

So THAT'S what fun looks like!

Well kids, everything has to start somewhere and even the greatest man-made creations of all time went through a period where they looked a bit naff. Great Expectations was once a blank sheet of paper. Mount Rushmore was a big, old rock. Hanging

Her name was Wilma. She was a showgirl...

Wow, we were having so much fun dancing and singing and occasionally slapping a bit of paint about that we forgot to share a photo of BMX number two in the Hanging Man stable. Welcome to the world Wilma Deathwish! Oh SO pretty. She currently

Man! I feel like a woman...

Thought for the day (nope, still not a regular feature! ;) )... Men - in the pursuit of true masculinity, we must think and behave more femininely. Think about that. Really think about that. And then proudly Come Join Us. Steve

Pulling the trigger

For the benefit of those of you readers out there thinking about setting up a gallery or interested in how a gallery works (we know you exist. Just admit it and be free from your shame! :) ) there is a conclusion that we ALL come to eventually...

Make a difference

Here at Hanging Man we do not crow our victories or whine about our losses but we do, where possible, use our varied talents to give back to those who need our support. I am incredibly proud to share that the above piece "can 3." (one of my own

What drives you?

I get asked lots of questions when I chat to people about running Hanging Man - some I have already answered here in this blog and others will be answered in future installations - but today's pressing question is simply... why? I do have a


Well, as promised, it's time to fill you in with my secrets to Instagram (and other social media platforms). My finding's are many and varied but ultimately this is all you need to remember - INSTAGRAM WON'T MAKE YOU FAMOUS! No social media

So you want to be the boss?

Here at Hanging Man Gallery we are very proud of our business approach. There are plenty of businesses out there that could benefit greatly from switching to our business model but we aren't precious about sharing it because there is one key

"If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands..."

Clap clap! :) Now, I know its been a while since we last spoke but setting up a globally recognized gallery is somewhat time consuming, as I have no doubt you can imagine. One of the most time consuming aspects is establishing your brand - creating

Look Who's Rolling Too!

Firstly, my apologies for not writing to you for so long. The beast that goes by the name "Instagram" has been consuming large volumes of both my time and our portfolio of work (go check us out. Now. Im serious. :) ) with very little sign of

Good things come in small, dangerous, highly flammable packages...

Top up stock from the team at Graff City. Hand finished by the team at Montana Colors. Sprayed on all kinds of cool things by the team at Hanging Man. Delivered by UPS. In case you were wondering. :) We missed you these past couple

Betty Deathwish Day 79

Day 79 - done. As promised, you are the first to see Betty finished and I am sure you will agree that she is something special. It was a truly weird sensation of excitement and sadness when I completed her - excitement to see if the image I

Fish and Chips

Once in a while, truly great combinations happen. Salt meets pepper. Salt meets Pepa. Salt meets vinegar (shhh, dont tell Pepa or pepper!). I lost my train of thought... Oh yeah! Well a few years back Hanging Man met The Artworks (to have a

Betty Deathwish Day 75

Day 75 - Hanging Man's bank account begins to smile again, for the final pieces required to complete Betty have been purchased! And would you just look at how shiny they are?! In true Hanging Man, "no expense spared" style, our friends at

Free art going cheap

Hanging Man is about making original, exceptional artwork accessable so its time for our first publicized giveaway. We are going to give away "weakness." fully completed and ready to hang, for free. You have my word you will not pay one penny for

Grown up life lessons from a kid

I was chatting to Joe at SourceBMX the other day (bones!) about the damage all the bails had done us while riding the trails as kids. I proudly wear the scars of numerous faceplants and elbow-slides into trees/bushes/fences/parked cars (yeah, sorry

Thought for the day (still not a regular feature!)

As Betty nears completion - wanna see pics? The answer is still "no". Cheeky. :) - an itch has developed that I fear I simply must scratch. What kind of life would Betty have had without her best and only pal Wilma (keeping within the "ladies of The

No, he's not Tony's son. I checked!

As artists and dreamers and business owners and people, we find inspiration in all kinds of places. I was once moved to tears by a little girl on the bus I used to get who, despite clearly having all of lifes disadvantages I have been fortunate to

Betty (T)Rouble's headset goes Bam-Bam

I had a rare couple of hours to myself on Saturday so I decided to spend them wisely - playing with Betty. She doesnt have any cranks yet but everything else is there so I figured "why not get her into a roller?"... Things started well. The